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Our greatest strength: highlighting the strengths of others


Because we know we speak in your name, we put the human touch first and foremost. To find the candidate you need, we start by getting to know you well. That’s the key to a perfect match.

For sudden, urgent needs, headhunting is probably what you need. We’ll aim at the right target without flooding you with unsuitable profiles.

Our promise: finding the right person quickly and doing regular, transparent follow-ups.

Recruitment as a service

We will be the extension of your inner circle, recruiting in your name. This is the ideal solution for well-planned growth and to raise awareness about your employer brand on the market.

We will facilitate the experience of the candidate with a structured approach. After the hiring, we will support each new employee in order to strengthen your corporate structure.

Our promise: finding the right person quickly and doing regular, transparent follow-ups.

HR Consultation as a service

You’ll get to work closely with experienced professionals to develop your human resources,
whether it’s on a regular or case-by-case basis.

Always available and dedicated, we take care of your human resources while you concentrate
on growing your business. We’ll be your HR Service, which means you’ll be adding a team of
experienced professionals to your organization. We’ll work in accordance with your industry’s
best practices and guide you by helping you solve your most pressing problems until you’re able
to hire a team to manage your human resources full-time.

We value your operations as well as the scalability of your structure and the
sustainability of your organization.

À la carte Consultation

A few urgent problems? Let us help you fix them – we’ll be operational in no time. With a background as impressive as ours, we have the necessary experience to support you.

We’re experts in management, focused on upgradability, who will know how to guide you according to your needs, more specifically:

  • HR strategy and organizational development
  • Strategic planning
  • Global compensation strategy
  • Candidate and new employee experience
  • Performance optimization and management
  • Professional development and training strategy
  • Tailored training
  • Coaching of first-level managers and management

Our expertise

In the fields we know.



Software as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Digital agency

Traditional company with digital needs

Our team

Harvest the fruits of our work

Our experience matters. With some fifteen years of experience, our experts will foster your growth and streamline your human resources management.  

HR professionals and recruiters who understand technical specificities, with a generalist background and a focus on a company’s organizational development.






Senior Technical Recruiter


Senior Technical Recruiter


Relation & Growth Manager

Our mission

Anticipating change

In the digital field, whether needs are planned or sudden, it’s all about urgency and speed to remain competitive.

We identify your needs and find a solution so you can act quickly.

We identify your needs and find a solution so you can act quickly.

We are a “Plug and Play” partner.

We are a “Plug and Play” partner.

We help you anticipate your long-term needs.

We help you anticipate your long-term needs.


Disrupting traditions


No recipe, no paint-by-numbers: you worked hard to be different – we’ll help you maintain that.


One night stand

We want to build a long-term relationship with you.


We have an opinion, and you’ll hear it.

Status quo

We challenge the status quo


We don’t do pitches, we offer you concrete solutions.

Our client

This list of logos doesn’t represent just clients, but business partners.

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